Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'll get back to the class soon.  Need to do a quick de-brief and say some nice things about people.

First the plugs:

MacDonald Armouries
Knife maker, sword maker, one of the necromancers reviving the historical European martial arts (HEMA) and amateur military historian Paul MacDonald is living the dream.  His Fairbairn/Sykes daggers are in pretty high demand with troops on deployment, and you've gotta love a guy who asks if you want a wall hanger or a cutter because he tempers them differently...

And coolest of the cool: His training group is for HEMA and WWII combatives.  A combination that makes a ridiculous amount of sense.  Is anyone else doing both?

Mike Smith
Is also living the dream.  Manages the Bow Bar, which has a selection of over 200 single malts.  Tasted some fantastic stuff there this year.  Also does some beautiful drawings (see below) if you need an illustrator in Scotland, e-mail Mike.

Over the course of the UK trip, I covered most of what would go into a five day core dump.

Sheffield covered the Introduction to Violence, Ambushes and Thugs. And Garry gave me a great idea that will require a team-- basically, an on-line learning center.  I know who I want on the team and what the focus would be but have no idea of the technical obstacles. More info as the plan develops.

Edinburgh started with Logic of Violence.  Some overlap with A&T, so a few hours could be shaved doing them together.  We also did Conflict Communications Basic, parts of the DT curriculum because we had some LEOs and security professionals and two evenings of infighting.  Mick asked good questions and got me thinking.  You know how the stuff that is most basic to you is the hardest to teach and conceptualize?  Mick wanted me to go deeper into infighting and it's the core of (words fail, I really want to write that it is the core of who I am.  As a fighter, maybe.  Anyway, it's important to me,)  So can I put it into words?  Another book just on the elements of infighting?

Swindon repeated A&T, with one evening of infighting before and a special secret day for instructors on running scenarios afterwards.

Then a long flight.  Home for one day and flying off to Orlando for another series of classes this weekend.  Info for that is here:,WA,NH,OR.html

Savvy author class team teaching with Steve Perry kicks off the fourth:
Martial Arts for Writers


Narda said...

I'll make sure to pass along the recommendation. Folks I know always looking for quality skian dubhs.

Charles James said...

That illustration is absolutely primo, awesome!

Master Plan said...

"Another book just on the elements of infighting?"

Yes, do it.

Josh Kruschke said...

"an on-line learning center"

Hit me as, "Yes, yes!!!!"

But, I really need to get out of my head & into the real world.

shugyosha said...

"Iñigo Montoya Rapier Set"

That's all I'm going to say.