Monday, April 15, 2013

London Debrief

That's London, Ontario.  In Canada.  Not the Uk one.

It's been busy.
Came in exhausted on the fourth.  Had to wait at Customs.  Seems I left a pamphlet from the "Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network" in my bag.  Got some questions from the Canadian Border Service.  That was the first Thursday.

Friday-- Walks, explore and settle in, then an evening class at the local BJJ school.  Did a little dirty rolling.  Had to take it easy.  Still in the big knee brace, still pre-surgery... but I love playing.

Saturday: Day One of the regular seminar, Intro to Violence.  Usual stuff--  the three long-assed-talks; fighting to the goal; efficient movement; learning to see... That stuff.  Didn't go into the usual detail on Power Generation because I wanted to get to counter assault, so only structure and stealing.  Didn't get into twitch power.  Other cool thing--when I was demonstrating blindfolded infighting, they sent two in on me.  Wish I had film of that.  Then conversation and narghila at Crazy Joe's.

Sunday: Day Two. In the cabinet making shop again, but with a little twist.  Chris had a room they were tearing down so we were able to do the mass brawls without worrying about structural damage.  The go signal was throwing one of the students through the dry wall.
This brings up something.  I like training hard, fast and with intensity, but don't do so in a seminar format.  Seminars I focus on intensity. Chris said that some of the people who didn't show seemed afraid it would be a 'slugfest.'  I don't see it.  Injury rate is very low.  But that we do play in dangerous environments, and do drill with mass brawls and blindfolded infighting-- there's definitely a perception there.  Most people aren't ready to hear "You will be thrown through walls" and "It's really safe."

Monday: Day off.  Writing and catch-up on correspondence.

Tuesday: Conflict Communications in the morning and another Dirty Rolling session with the London BJJ club in the evening.

Wednesday: ConCom in the morning.  Then did an evening class for a local karate club.  Then did some boxing.  Kick boxing, technically, but I was in a knee brace, so I was just boxing.  This was stupid, dumb, I know what you're gonna say.  But it was a blast.  I really miss playing with big skilled guys who are into contact.

Thursday: ConCom

Friday: ConCom.  Then fencing.  Now, fencing may be the worst possible thing for my knee, so I decided left hand only, no footwork.
Used my right hand some.  And a little footwork (it's not something you can just turn off, evidently).  Again, fun and again, clearly I'm not merely a martial artist, I'm a junkie.  Addicts.

Saturday and Sunday: Logic of Violence.  This seminar is growing and getting more powerful.  Strangely, a couple of people who were worried about the physical aspects of Intro showed up to this since it was mostly verbal were affected at a deep emotional level.  And, from a SD viewpoint, that's valid.  Self-defense is far more difficult emotionally than physically.  The mechanics, in other words, are simpler and for most people easier than the will aspects.

Which brings us to today.  Quiet.  Lunch with Steve, the head instructor at Twin Mountains (who got two gold medals in Malaysia-- congrats.)  Otherwise, read and vegetate.

So 13 sessions in a little over a week.  I'm a little tired.  I'll get back on my regular writing schedule soon.

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Randy said...

"You will be thrown through walls" and "It's really safe."

That sounds like a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.