Monday, May 27, 2013

Have to do a CCA

And, since I am, might as well play a little catch-up.

Coming up:
May 31 1900-2100 I'll be doing a reading from "Violence: A Writer's Guide" (Second edition, 66% more fun) for the Bards and Brews event at:  Primrose &Tumbleweeds 248 E Main St. Hillsboro, OR.  I'll be reading from VAWG and maybe from "Horrible Stories I told my Children"

June 1-2 Seminars in Silverdale, WA.  Conflict Communications + Introduction to Violence.
More information and sign-ups are here.

After that, I'll be in Germany June 8-16 +/1two days or so.  One of the seminars is closed.  The information for the public one is here:

Then Surgery.  Yay.

Writing front, the second edition of VAWG is out (with an introduction by Steve Perry!!), available in e-books and paperback.

The sixth compilation of the blog posts is also out, with a cover by my beautiful and talented wife:

Only in e-book form.  Amazon here.  Other formats on SmashWords.

The video, "Logic of Violence" is also out.  I really struggled with this material.  I learn better by reading and playing than by watching and I've been slamming my head over how to present the material. LoV works great in a class room, where a group of martial artists work everything out for themselves.  But reading lacks the interactivity.
Put it this way-- every single self defense instructor tells you the same things about not being a target.  Tells you places to avoid and stupid things NOT to do.  It comes as received wisdom and is really easy to ignore.  In the LoV class the students recreate that advice because they make a list of who they would be looking for to victimize and where they would look and how they would isolate...  Instead of just words they know it becomes concepts they understand.  And no matter how skillfully I wrote it, the self-discovery power would be absent.
So David Silver, YMAA's resident video genius said, "Why don't we just film one of the classes?"
And this is it.  The information is crucial if you want to systematically build, expand or refine your personal self-defense program.

And, for the hell of it, I've done a couple of interviews recently:

Radio interview coming up on KALW in San Francisco tentatively July 8.
And just got asked about a guest appearance on a cable show.


Thomas M. said...

The closed seminar is primarily organized for the state police of Lower Saxony.

If somebody wants to take part in a seminar with Rory but has no time on the weekend with the open seminar *and* he has a law enforcement background (police or a similar organisation) we may be able to get him into the closed seminar (14. - 16. of June).

No promises due to liability-stuff we would have to check first, but we would try.

If this fits somebody, send Rory an email with your contact information, so he can forward the email to me. I would then contact you. But as I said, being part of some type of law enforcement organisation would be mandatory (and we would check, obviously).

I can really recommend the seminar (and the one in Fritzlar as well). I've taken part in a seminar with Rory before and he is a great teacher with lots of insight some very interesting drills that I've never seen anywhere else so far.

So if the description above actually fits anybody - send Rory an email and we will see what we can do for you. After all, we are organising this seminar not for profit but for helping officers get even better. And for me law enforcement is always law enforcement first, whatever the patch says precicely.

(Sorry for offering this without asking you first, Rory. Sadly, all my email-adresses give away my full name so this seemed the easiest solution to me. I guess, at most it means forwarding one or two emails to me so it shouldn't result in much extra work for you, if any at all.)

Josh Kruschke said...
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Josh Kruschke said...

Sorry, I Just woke up.

Josh Kruschke said...


I still think the Workbook format has potential for Logic of Violence.


Charles James said...

Good luck with the surgery.