Saturday, December 07, 2013

Not Invisible

While I was distracted from the blog, I wasn't idle.  It might be a good time to post some links.  Interviews and the like.
An interview with Aaron and Beau fro Exist Anew (and you know I gave then shit about their name before the interview started).  Fun, and if I ever decide to publish the manual on enlightenment for non-wusses, the last bit will be a preview.
Kris caught me a half asleep.  And he'd left a couple of messages which I'd interpreted to mean there was something wrong.  Had completely forgotten that he wanted to do an interview when I had a break from traveling.

Gila Hayes, of the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network (a great resource for anyone interested in SD, btw) did a review of the Logic of Violence DVD:

Did an "Advanced People Watching" course at the Lloyd Center Mall and Kathy Jackson (the Cornered Cat and one of my favorite people-- my go to for the crossover between WSD and the firearms world) did a write-up:

Interviewed by Matthew Apsokardu in June:

And Matt linked to an interview that David Silver did last year.  Evidently, saying I hate people because they are stupid pretty much defines my worldview:

Sam Harris asked my opinion on a couple of questions that somehow turned into a roundtable interview on SD and the law.  In my opinion, the best piece was left out of the final edit.  One of the examples that came up, the FaceBook common wisdom (as is often the case) had nothing to do with actual facts... it struck me as a good point to check your sources, especially if they seem to make your point too well.

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TWW said...

Thanks for mentioning the review of Logic of Violence. I forgot it was in their newsletter since I ordered the two DVDs instead of reading the review. I put a link to the review on (A WI concealed carry forum) since I hope your work gets more notice in the concealed carry 'subculture' since what you say about people having an unrealistic image of what they would do in a violent encounter is probably more true for license/permit holders than martial arts students.