Saturday, February 08, 2014

Two Projects

Coming up for air. And this is basically a CCA (Crass Commercial Announcement)

Two projects are nearing fruition. The ConCom Manual is in final proofread, the cover is done and the kindle e-book will be available very shortly. There's a whole bunch of writerly stuff involved in the  "only kindle for now" decision that I can't disclose yet. Yes, I want a paper copy out and to have it available in more platforms, but that will take longer and may be under a regular publisher.

K did the cover and I like it:

The second project is probably the laziest writing possible, but it's been fun. It's mostly a blank book, designed as a training diary. Some advice and insights, a place to document training and to analyze and connect what you know. It also includes my current lists of Building Blocks, Principles and Concepts.
Mentioned those here. The deal at the time was 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine.' Now you can get the lists without making one first-- though I highly suggest you make your own list. Cross pollinating ideas works best if you have solid ideas to cross.

(Edit) And here's the cover. I didn't know it was finished:


SavageKitsune said...

That's a great cover.

Wayne said...

Nice cover, looking forward to reading it when available non-Kindle version

Josh Kruschke said...

Awesome news.

With K's use of imagery you almost don't need a title on those covers.

"...a place to document training and to analyze and connect what you know."

Been working on not just my lists (pieces of the puzzle) but intagrating them into a mind map. It will be interesting to see how you organize or build your framework in the training journal.


Derek Simonds said...

As soon as they are available I look forward to reading. I am writing an article about abusive relationships with coaches and want to quote you. I will shoot you an email next week. Derek

Charles James said...

You, of course, are right - the concom cover is really clever and awesome.

pax said...

Love the ConCom cover, and believe the book itself is a winner.

Tiff said...

Awesome! Thanks Rory! :)