Monday, February 27, 2017


Snowed in a lot over the winter so getting some good reading in. For the classics, just finished Seneca's "On the Brevity of Life." Seneca may be the only Stoic so far I haven't enjoyed. Misonius Rufus is next.

Also just finished one of the best books in a long time, Tom Wainwright's Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel.

It was a kick. Taking the Freakonomics approach and applying it to the world of cartels. Why violence is rampant in Mexico but has dies down in El Salvador. Why tattoos keep labor costs low. The etiquette for leaving feedback when you buy heroin on the dark web. Franchising, subcontracting and offshoring in the world of illicit drugs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Reading is a blast!
I'm curious: What's the best NF-book you've read? Ever?


Anonymous said...

Man, the increasing use of sentence fragments doesn't inspire confidence. :(

Old Bull Lee said...

I have a Stoic friend - Musonius is his favorite, Seneca his least favorite.