Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bookkeeping- Way Behind at 38

Halfway through 2007 and I should have read 50 books right now. I'm a little behind. So far:

Logic- Aristotle
Documenting Discipline and Discharge
Civil Rights Law
Poetics- Aristotle
Investigations Handbook
Investigator Interviewing Tips
Secret Weapons of Jujutsu
Case File XXXX (not naming these here)
Your Smart Puppy
Another Case File- XXX
There Must be More Than This
Fighter's Fact Book 2
Sea Change
Plutarch's Lives
Ditch Medicine
G.R.A.P.L.E. Course Material
Lessons of Terrorism (This one was really bad)
Terror at Beslan
Legal Writing in Plain English
The Prosecutors
Rights of Law Enforcement Officers
Flags of our Fathers
The River of Doubt
Jiu-jitsu (Lowell, 1943)
American Law and the Trained Fighter
Psychological First Aid Field Guide
A Grief Remembered
The Manchester Document
One Bullet Away
On Bullshit (Not nearly as good as it sounded)
My FBI (Hmmmm)
Principle-Centered Leadership
Final Exam: A Surgeons Reflections on Mortality
Achilles in Vietnam
Killing Rain (fiction)
They Saw it Happen

So, a couple of classics, lots of legal stuff to get up to speed for the new assignment, some history and biography, backround and threat profiles for team stuff; a very few practical skills and only a couple of martial arts books.

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Anonymous said...

I was inspired to attempt a modified form of your 100 books a year goal after reading your post last October. I'm currently doing even worse at 24. My first alteration is that I'm including audio lecture series since they're longer, more informative, and more interesting than audiobooks. The second alteration is that I'm listing them in order of most to least useful.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Epictetus' Discourses
The Gift of Fear
Emotions Revealed
The Mind of God
Deep Survival
Fermat's Enigma
The Origins of Virtue
Microbiology Lab Manual
Does God Exist?: The Craig-Flew Debate
Churchill (audio lecture series)
God's Universe
A Theory of Fun
Stretching Anatomy
Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis (audio lecture series)
The Roads to Sata
Life and Work of Mark Twain (audio lecture series)
Egg and Ego
The Concerto (audio lecture series)
Painting as a Pastime
Loosing Faith in Faith
Many Faces Many Microbes
Four Reasonable Men
Dynamics of Faith

I didn't realize the year was half over until you mentioned it. Now I feel lazy.