Monday, June 11, 2007

Chapter List

Jeff and a few others have asked what the book will be about. Here are the chapters:

The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn (working title)


Introduction: Metaphors
The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn
The Priests of Mars
The Super Stars
The Truth: About Me and About Violence
The Format of this Book

Section 1: The Matrix
1.1: The Tactical Matrix Example
1.2: The Violence Matrix

Section 2: How to Think
2.1 Assumptions and Epistemology
2.2 The Power of Assumption
2.3 Common Sources of Knowledge About Violence
2.4 Strategy Training
----Sidebar: A quick and dirty guide to not being successfully sued ----
2.5 Goals in Training
2.6 Thinking in the Moment

Section 3: Violence
3.1 Types of Violence
-----Sidebar: How Multiple Officers Decrease the Risk of Injury-----
3.2 The Four Basic Truths of Violent Assault
3.3 The Chemical Cocktail
-----Sidebar: Shock and Stupidity-----
3.4 Adapting to the Cocktail
3.5 The Context of Violence
3.6 Violence Happens in Places
3.7 Violence Happens in Time
--------Sidebar: Hostage Situations---------
3.8 Violence Happens Between People

Section 4: Threats
4.1 Threats ain’t Normal Folks
4.2 Types of Criminals
------Sidebar: The Continuum of Evil------
4.3 Special Circumstances: Mental Illness and Drugs
4.4 Rationalizations
4.5 What Makes a Violent Predator

Section 5: Training
5.1 The Flaw in the Drill- Static, Cooperative and Dynamic drills
5.2 Kata as a Training Exercise
5.3 Responses to the Four Basic Truths of Section 3.2
5.4 Operant Conditioning
5.5 Phases

Section 6: Making Physical Defense Work
6.1 Stages of DefenseThe Go Button
6.2 The ‘Go’ Button
6.3 The Golden Rule of Combat
6.4 Effects and Actions
6.5 The Big Three- Awareness, Initiative, Permission
-------Sidebar: Permission------

Section 7: After
7.1 After
7.2 Acute Events
7.3 For Supervisors
7.4 Cumulative Events
------Sidebar: Baggage------
7.5 Dealing with the Survivor/Student
7.6 Changes
7.7 Enlightenment and Combat



Anonymous said...

Very cool. I hope you incorporate the diagram you drew at Martial U. where you laid out the "years ahead", "moments ahead", "seconds ahead",... "aftermath" timeline for incidents. That was singularly enlightening (and in hindsight, obvious).


Rory said...

That's 'stages' and it is a very short piece of this book. It might make a good format for another book, though.

Anonymous said...

The topics look very interesting. I'm really looking forward to getting this book.


Anonymous said...

Man, I can't wait. This is what I was hoping you would write about. Looks great! Keep us updated on the progress. Good luck with what I am sure is a time management issue


Jake said...

Looks very interesting. I'd read it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rory, if the publishing don't work out (I hope it does), post it as a pdf e-book and let us download it for say $15-20. I would rather give you the money anyway.