Thursday, May 17, 2007

Training Today

I love training my team. Tough, smart, dedicated. Experienced fighters, thoroughly controlled professionals. Training days are great days. So now I am bruised, and scraped with a little fat lip and a little blood trickling from my scalp, a few joints stretched a bit beyond their comfort zone.

This is our second day of three consecutive training days. Yesterday started with classroom- how our tactical team will coordinate with the Negotiations Team; how the Incident Command System is supposed to work and how it will actually work in the reality of our agency and what steps we must take to make it efficient; an overview of mission profiles; and a video on a specific threat profile.

Then hand-to-hand training and cell extractions. The HtH was all about knocking threats down- with your hands, without your hands, with their moment or creating it, spine take downs and sutemis, modifying the follow through for little, none or great damage. Cell extractions are brutal. I played the bad guy for a handful of them and the team is doing well. My time of available free action could be measured in seconds at the most. They left very few opportunities for me to harm them.

Today- drawing, shooting, moving, entries, searches, low light and environmental hand-to-hand combat, riot control, shield use and flexible stretcher evacuations. I even learned a new medic skills.

It's a pleasure teaching them, an honor to learn from them. My life is good.

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