Friday, April 11, 2008

Galley Slave

Rhino has made the magical transition from manuscript to book.  That's cool. Received the galleys yesterday.  This is definitely one of the neat "new author" feelings.  It's a PDF file and it doesn't have the weight of a book, but it has the look.  

For the next week (in my copious spare time) I'll be going over it, looking for changes I'm unhappy with or things that need to be clarified.  Books are scary in a way, because they are moments frozen in time.  This book is what I thought on these subjects in 1993-95.  There have been a lot of lessons since then, some entirely new ways to see things.  Growth is good but at first glance, I think the book is fine.  Growth also creates distance and Rhino (Published title will be Meditations on Violence) is far more accessible than a 2008 version would be.


Steve Perry said...

Got my copy pre-ordered on Looking forward to reading it.

You going to do an autographing when it comes out?

Kai Jones said...

Good question, Steve!

Anonymous said...

What about us East Coasters who pre-ordered getting autographs?

Book Tour!!!

Looking forward to the book.


Mark Jones said...

EXCELLENT question, Steve!

Rory, if you've already learned more than you knew when you wrote the book it's obviously time to start thinking about a sequel....

Rory said...

I don't know what the protocol on autographing is. I was planning on scotch and a cigar and sitting quietly by a river when I open it for the first time. I don't like cigars, but it's been a tradition since the first magazine article.

Also not sure where I will be when the book comes out. Makes it difficult to plan.

Mike- when I can next make a Uechi SummerFest, believe me, I'll be there. Missing a lot of old friends in Boston, Providence and Montreal.

Anonymous said...

Rory, been looking forward to it for a long time! Always got an invite for the "tour" in sunny Charleston SC. Congratulations!


Molly said...

There's always Tampa! and I'll take you caneoing, let you wrestle a few alligators while you're here.

Dave Chesser said...

Letting go is one of the hardest parts of writing. I've woken up in the middle of the night worried that I could have phrased something better or that I should have said x when I said y instead.

As has already been mentioned, sequels are the cure for this. :)

Dave C.