Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Synergy is a fun concept.  Sometimes the forces of the cosmos come together and linked things happen that could not have happened by random chance.  Coincidence takes on a feeling of intention.

Whatever.  The human mind is a fun toy and works hard every day to find patterns and make sense.  With tens of thousands of occurrences every day that touch your life in some way, is it any wonder that you will naturally focus on the five that seem to fit together?  More of a wonder, perhaps, that things that feel like synergy don't occur more often... but they do, of course. They just don't count unless you notice them.

Your mind can be set, also.  You can choose to look for blue things and your eyes will pick them up.  When you buy a new car you are often surprised by the number of cars of the same make, model, and color that you see on your commute. Surely there weren't that many yesterday... but there were, you just didn't have a reason to notice them.  In the same way, when you decide "No more of this! I'm looking for that!"  That will suddenly appear everywhere.

So I don't need synergy to explain things... but sometimes it feels good to feel special.  In that crazy busy week with the book going to new (to me) places- final edits, a talk with the publicist-and other things squeezed in (which I may not be able to talk about for a bit) two contacts out of the blue:

1) Been asked to write a peer-reviewed article for a martial encyclopedia and
2) Something wacky involving Hollywood. Someone in Colorado evidently thinks I'm pretty.

The first is solid.  The second I seriously doubt that I have the time, but it is intriguing as hell.  It would be very cool to talk to people from that world and see if they are as completely out of touch with the real world as their products tend to be.


Drew Rinella said...

Pretty, or purdy?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Strange, I almost fancy I can hear a "Police" song from the '80s playing somewhere in the background.

Unknown said...

I realize you probably have 0 free time to read, but based on your post I bet you'd like the book "Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Hope all is well and I'm looking forward to the book.

-wes tasker