Monday, May 26, 2008

Just Whining

First day back to work in a while.  I've been out with pneumonia.  First time. Interesting.  Went to work less because I was feeling better than because I was going stir crazy.  I spent last evening (when I wasn't rescuing the dogs from the scary thunder or watching the beautiful storm) pacing in tight circles.

So- work hasn't changed much.  An inmate who used to be one of the biggest (and most obvious) manipulators has been in custody for almost a month and finally got the courage to ask me for something he knows is against the rules.  He's three weeks behind schedule. Normally he would be in the hole by now.  An alarm went off that doesn't seem to be connected to any known system.  Fire alarm, HVAC, everything normal... just a very loud, very obvious audible alarm that our facility engineer says doesn't exist.  It's a mystery.  And this mid-forties old man recovering from pneumonia still has the fastest sprint in the building.  Three back-up alarms tonight. None serious.  But after each sprint as soon as I could be alone, I coughed my lungs up.

Another entry on the Big List of Things that Suck: Coughing so hard you puke.
That's probably too much information. 

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Kai Jones said...

Coughing that hard, not too much information, it sucks big time. It's as if once your system starts sending things out instead of in, it gets stuck doing that and sends everything out.