Monday, May 05, 2008

Spinning Plates

Everything is quiet right now.  The last batch of training is finished and the next two phases aren't things I'm certified in so no more multiple extra shifts for a while.  The book theoretically went to the printer on Friday after a... I want to say marathon or epic editing session, but actually the editor made it pretty smooth and easy.  It took some time and most of the prep work on my end was done in a state of near exhaustion, but it went well.  The two other big things are pending, waiting.  Waiting drives me nuts, but it is a big part of life. The key is to do other things.

So I can relax, work on other projects. Maybe even bring this blog back to the more interesting subjects like bad guys and brawling.

Before I do, in this dead space, a couple of questions if anyone has input:

1) The publisher wants a list of organizations/reviewers who might be interested in the book.  Any ideas?

2) For some reason when I publish to the blog the first (or sometimes several) paragraphs are fine, and then it squinches down so that it is no longer double spaced. Any idea what is going on?


Patrick Parker said...

as for #2, I think it is some weird glitch in the HTML code. It happens on my blog too. To fix it I have taken to putting periods (.) on lines that I want to remain blank and then coloring them white to make them invisible.

As for #1, Don't know if I'm what you had in mind, but I'd sure like toreview it!

Steve Perry said...

Police organizations, martial arts magazines -- yeah, I know, but you are trying to reach some of these people -- college campuses that teach rape defense classes. The Oregonian, since you are a local author. Their Sunday book review sections gets read by a million or so people. Ditto the local TV stations. You could get to be the go-to guy for this kind of thing, to be interviewed when some cops shoots a loon who only had a knife, and that would be a good thing to have somebody telling the press why that "only had a knife" is a stupid thing to say.

You may be sure that I will review it on my blog, once my copy arrives ...

Kai Jones said...

What about condo associations, commercial and home property managers, volunteer service organizations like the Elks? I remember once when I was discussing excited delerium on my livejournal, a couple of people who help manage their condo building or their intentional communities wanted more information.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to write it up! I'm working on Kane's newest right now.


Anonymous said...

It may be that because the width of the editing window and published column differ, what appeared to be new paragraphs in the editor turn out to be line breaks instead.

I avoid problems like this by drafting in MS Word, then copying and pasting over.