Sunday, January 25, 2009


Can't do full disclosure at this time, so just an update:
Things will be in flux for awhile.
Internet access should be fine but time will be limited.
I have to start learning another language.
Very cool, this world of mine.


Kami said...

I'm looking forward to your next blog entry after the changes.

Lots of people get stressed with change. Occasionally I get excited about some changes, but most of the time it's a girding for battle. I think it's fascinating on how you thrive on it. It's very different from most people I know.

Illogic said...

I actually think we should rather welcome change than curse it.
Change is good for us in the long run, it forces us to adapt and think ahead.
But it also depends a bit on how dramatic the change itself is.
There's of course a difference between change that effects a lot of people and the kind that only effects the individual.
But I'd like to think that someone who adapts to individual change also has an easier time adapting to social change.
And besides, adaptation is a basis for evolution, especially in human evolution, since we really not only on our biology, but also on our culture.
That's sorta how I see it.
Then again, I wish a was a lot better at adapting to change than I am, but hopefully I'm working on it.

Kai Jones said...

Change I chose is one thing. Change imposed on me by others is both more difficult to accept and more likely to cause stress during adjustment.