Sunday, January 04, 2009


Got interviewed. To myself I sound like a bumbling, nasal idiot. Both of us were dead tired and it was done over a computer from across a sea... anyway:
My interview(s) (plural, it was supposed to be 40-60 minutes and we wound up gabbing for about two and a half hours):

And Dr. Keogh's website.


Steve Perry said...

Once again, the limits of the written word become apparent. A lot of what we have been kicking back and forth here makes more sense when the rhythm and cadence and tone of the spoken word is added to the words.

No matter how good a writer you are -- and Rory is passing adept at it -- so much of what is intended just doesn't show up on the page. It can't.

And face-to-face is better still, because you get the words, the sounds, and the visual. Maybe even the pheromones.

I knew that, of course, having sat down with Rory a couple times to talk over coffee.

Which is to say, you should listen to the interview, since it adds one more dimension of clarity. Not as good as face-to-face over coffee, but better than just the written word.

Of course, part of my mission here is to be the block in Rory's writing road. If he's gonna do more books, I'm the guy he needs to reach -- he's already convinced the choir. If he can convince the Devil, then he's got something ...

Anonymous said...

Yeah....not nasal rambling at should live in Liverpool if you want that............dare I say "Spiritual".....or is that too Californian.
Very excellent.....but I agree with Steve..the spoken word is more powerful......and the nuances of speaking to someone in person even more so

Loudernhel said...

"To myself I sound like a bumbling, nasal idiot. Both of us were dead tired and it was done over a computer from across a sea..."

Are you familiar with the term "inner critic?"

I listened to the first part. Joydit. The other two parts will make good listening tomorrow on the .mp3 player. Thanks

Unknown said...

Gotta like Steve for busting your balls. You did sound like a whiny, nasally, soft-handed California style new age psycho-babbler. Everyone has agreed to lie to you because you are a sensitive fragile guy.

Despite sleep deprivation, mostly improvisation, seemingly imperceptible but real time lag that added to us interrupting each other more than we would anyway, never haven spoken before, blah blah, blah---I think we get a passing grade.

I had fun. Marc created an entire page devoted to the book and interviews----first time he has done this. Wim is going to add Part II to his blog this week I think. I'm gonna send out a 'bulletin' on Myspace....never done this before and don't know how...but it means more people will check it out. Gonna do same with a couple of mega police web sites and martial arts sites. Hoping to inflict groupies on you---greeting you at the airport when you get back.

We'll be able to track how many people listen and get comments from our will be blown away by how far these podcasts travel.

Do you have a shillelagh ? If not, do you want one ?

Be safe.


Rory said...

Kevin- Keeping me honest is what Steve does. I think he just offered himself as my own personal writing Yoda there.

Hmmm, groupies. I think Kami will agree just so that she can practice. Survivors would be allowed to clean the house.

If, by shillelagh, you mean an actual blackthorn walking stick, alas I do not. Which seriously hampers my pretensions of Irish roots. The closest I have is a very nice oak alpenstock which I had originally planned to modify for a tracking stick and ranging tool.

Thanks, everyone.

Anonymous said...


"Marc created an entire page devoted to the book and interviews".

Sorry; can't find it. At nnsd? Can you provide the url?

Ferran, BCN

Anonymous said...

OK, found it. For some reason, NNSD's internal search sent me directly to the shop page instead of this one.

In case anyone else want to, it's here.

Be well.