Saturday, June 06, 2009

Fear No Man!

Here's a link for you:
Llap-goch, the secret deadly welsh art of self-defense.

When I first ran across this about twenty years ago it was attributed to the Monty Python crowd but I could never confirm that and it doesn't look like the right media for them.  Did the Flying Circus ever do anything with print.

When you're done laughing, think harder- about promises you have been made or (horrors) made yourself.


Steve Perry said...

I like this one. Back when I started, there was a guy who called himself Count Dante, who taught the deat-touch, DIm Mak. One of the lines I recall ran something to the effect of, " ... and if anybody dares to attack you, he will be sorry for the rest of his miserable, crippled, life ..."

But this was -- supposedly -- not a joke. The ads used to run in the back of comic books and popular magazines ...

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Reader did an interesting article in Count Dante, The Black Dragon Fighting Society and the Chicago Dojo Wars a while back. It's well worth reading to get a flavor of MA in the 60's & 70's and the kind of hucksterism that runs through the MA world.

Mark said...

Great stuff. Quoted directly from page 7 of "The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok" (Methuen 1974)

Matt said...

Just backing up the "papper" book comment.
Remember reading it aged 10 or younger. My babysitter used to have it. (old lady with 3 grown up sons, 1 had kept the book since Uni.)
Gotta remember, the Welsh are tough! for instance.." & lo, it rained for forty days & forty nights...still the best summer Cardiff ever had.