Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seattle 2

The Second Seattle Seminar (S2?) was a blast.

Jonas found a great venue, a small club in Georgetown with inside and outside areas, chain link, a stage, obstructions...even some spilled beer.

The crew was good. Three had to cancel at the last minute, but two slots were filled so 'sold-out' became 'one under capacity'. 24 bodies, if my math is correct. Nine had not attended the first Seattle seminar and I was a little worried about their ability to keep up with some of the new information. They were great people and did well, but there were elements of law and violence dynamics that I'm sure they missed.

Still: Violence. Brawling. Manhandling. Fighting to the goal. Power generation. Blindfolded defense and targeting. Environmental fighting. Ground-level brawling. Frisk fighting. And the important new information, an expansion of the self-defense law information focused on articulation. A good decision is only half the battle. A brilliant explanation to an inexperienced jury might be needed to close the deal. Making good decisions is sometimes far easier than explaining good decisions.

Then scenarios. Carjacking variations: alone, with child, with special knowledge. Active shooter. Rude people. Predators. I was assisted by two wonderful role-players, Tim Bown of Bulletman fame and Guro Amy Koeniger in her RedMan suit. Good guys, bad guys, victims and predators, they played them all with a lot of intensity.

I suspect a few people saw some new things.

Good, good day.

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Master Plan said...

I can confirm all this. Good day, new stuff. Fo' sho'! ; )