Saturday, January 29, 2011

Slightly Swamped

The to-do list covers a good-sized white board. Two e-books out (The first two years of the blog collected, see the pretty little covers down the side). Working on the Drills manual, and K is getting the cover ready. The e-version of that should be ready soon.
Indexing "7" (Official, real title is "Facing Violence") somehow this little step got missed in the process. Also trying to storyboard a video for Facing Violence. Not seeing a way to do it in less than 3 volumes.
Seminars so far scheduled this year in: Rhode Island, San Francisco; Granada Hills; Seattle (2); Minnesota and Portland with possibles for Toronto, Montreal, Reno, Louisiana, Boston and Denver. Next month will be almost constant travel.

(BTW, if you want more information about these or to set one up in your area, e-mail me
Melissa sent me a link to CombatCon:

Doesn't look like they have any people from outside the world of entertainment. Hmmmmm.
May have finally put a handle on what I hope to teach and a way to teach it. I think Maija will be the guinea pig for this particular experiment... if I can find time to organize the thoughts in sufficient depth.
Need to get the Conflict Communication Power Points rewritten for a civilian audience. Shouldn't be hard and I should have more than enough time on planes to get it done.

Definitely time to hit the overdrive button. See you on the other side.


Josh Kruschke said...

Good news, good news.

I keep meaning to go through and look at the Conflict Communication website, but things keep getting in the way.
This might work to my advantage if you need someone to look at the slides, hint hint, from a civies point of view. Just offering to help.
But understand if you don't know me well enough.

Maija said...

I look forward to it 8-)

Rory said...

Comment deleted as requested, Rayne. I'd love to see your comments and my e-mail is in the body of this post.

Rayne Hall said...

Rory, your e-mail address doesn't show up in the message. Could you try again, please? Rayne.

Rayne Hall said...


Rory said...

Anonymous said...

Got it. E-mail on its way. Rayne

Anonymous said...

Regarding CombatCon, it's specifically intended as a celebration of martial arts/fight choreography in various pop-culture genres (fantasy, horror, science fiction etc.)