Saturday, September 02, 2006

Many becoming One

The kid's at one of the really complex stages. He's trying to block and strike and kick, occassionally attempts a lock or a takedown. If he's watching my hands he can't watch my feet. There's just too much to watch and too much to think about.

When you start, there are hands and feet, two of each. Four things. But the other guy has them to! That's eight! Eight things to keep track of! But there are elbows and knees and head butts, too! That's ten more. Shoulder and hip slams! Forearm smashes! Clothesline snaps! Knee pops and grapevines! Fingers! All the different ways to lock and take down! The environment- footing and armor and obstacles and found weapons and... then add more opponents! Crap!

You do have to take the time to learn each little piece. In the end, though, all of this list of parts and range of possibilities boils down to two bodies. When your mind can do this- just deal with his body (not the parts) by using your body (not the parts) you will be very, very good.

Then, of course, in the next step the two bodies become one dynamic interaction and you can control this. Two (or more) fighting people become a single entity, with you as the brain, all of their actions work to serve your purpose. Touched this a few times.

And then the environment (always the third player in any fight) joins the unity- or you join with it.

Then, theoretically, the Universe.

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