Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Reverse Freudian Slip

It's bad enough that sometimes people say the wrong word, a word that sounds like what they mean but isn't... but sometimes it's even weirder to hear the wrong word.

Years ago, a bunch of friends were hanging out in a hot tub and the conversation went something like this:

K: The apartment has a hot tub, but it doesn't have a sauna.
D: Sonnet? When did we start talking about poetry?
D2: Poultry? What do chickens have to do with anything?

Yesterday was a bad one. Walked into a conversation where coworkers were discussing someone who played too many video games.
Person: We never should have introduced him to that. He's addicted.
Me: He's always been a dickhead. What do games have to do with it?

Addicted. A dickhead.

Kathy trumped that one today. "He said he was going into the backyard to mess around with the Trac-hoe and lay a ditch. I swear to god I heard him say 'mess around with a crack ho and lay that bitch.'"

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