Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trying to Write

It has literally been a crush for the last week. Writing has happened in snatches while waiting for other things. Some of those things might be serious and maybe they'll be written about here, maybe not.

Posts started and not finished include one on knowing your audience when teaching; one on progress with the book and one on how two very different things can get to something that looks like the same place- very specific things about how either nature or nurture, either alone can make a sociopath... and how those two kinds of sociopaths differ and how what might change one won't change the other. The two-way action concept and the convergent evolution concepts are powerful, if I can just keep from going off on tangents and stick to the idea.

So, now in the space after an interview and before work (and I'll try to cram a library run and a few more chores in there) I'll finally eat something and have some coffee and post this. While working on an expanded author's bio for the book. I'm thinking of doing it in the form of a personal ad:

"MWM H/W proportionate seeks adventure, new knowledge and insight. Already found true love. I enjoy long sword fights on the beach, spectacular sunsets in my opponents eyes and good scotch."

More to follow.


Kai Jones said...

LOL, I think craigslist would accept that one.

Chiron' said...


I find that when I'm trying to write that the most critical aspect is my ability to get both my Spirit and my Will ...on the same page. Once I accomplish that, well, the writing pretty much happens by itself.

I just happened upon your blog, as I was just checking out sites that mention my name.

Have a great weekend, and, keep writing!