Saturday, January 05, 2013

Commemorative Plans

Follower #300 signed up today.  Appears to be SJ Fowler, but it's hard to tell.  Sometimes the new number goes up and nobody shows up on the little widget.

So, there's something I've been considering and now seems like the time to get the ball rolling.  On line free lessons.  (Not completely free, I installed a 'donation' button below just in case anyone feels compelled to help me replace my armor).

So, I'm soliciting suggestions.  Couple of caveats.  They have to be stuff that can be written down.  The hands on stuff, as I teach and understand it, has to be felt.  Even video isn't good enough.  So nothing technique based.

Who to aim it at?  Martial artists?  Self-defense instructors?  Self-defense students? Writers? Some other group I'm not thinking of?

Once target audience is identified, we'll narrow it down from there.  Or I'll throw out suggestions.  Or I'll do whatever I damn well please...

Format will be just like any other blog post, it will just say subject and lesson number/title at the top.  Open access.

Might be fun.
Teaching for the MCSO reserves in a few days, then flying to DC for a seminar, a class for a police academy and one for some of the guys at Walter Reed.  Sign-ups for the open parts are here:

Granada Hills at the end of the month.  Information here:
Contact Lee to sign up.

Then the UK in February and Orlando in March.  Nice weather contrast.


Mike said...

First, thank you for generously offering free lessons online; I appreciate that.

My vote: aim the lessons at self-defense instructors. The content can be anything you deem appropriate for this audience, within the limitations of the instructional media you use.

Again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to say thank you for the lessons. I learn hugely (and usually uncomfortably!) every time you blog.

It'd sound less ass-kissy if I said 'almost every time you blog', but it'd also be untrue.

mobiaxis said...

Yes, lessons please. Target audience: whomever reads them. Topics:whatever you feel like talking about. Keep it fun for yourself (and longer lasting for us) by visiting whatever topic you feel like addressing...we trust you. My first suggestion: 'Training artifacts' (again)...can't get enough on how to set up training so it is easy to see and overcome common training 'scars' or artifacts of the training process

Thomas M. said...

The idea sounds nice and very generous of you, Rory. However, my first thought was: "what's supposed to be the difference to many of your other blog-posts?"

In my opinion you've already got lots and lots of informative pages on this blog. Do you have any huge differences to these in mind?

Rory said...

Sneaky, Thomas. There may be an ulterior motive-- If I set up a scheduled lesson plan I won't be as likely to get lazy. It will force me to keep writing.

So nothing generous about it.

Thomas M. said...

In that case, here are some possible topics:

-how to teach (self defense/martial arts/in general)

-how to improve ones awareness

-how to be a good leader/thoughts about leadership

I know there are other sources for each of these topics. As far as I know you even wrote about all of this already before.
However, I'm currently thinking about a lot about these topics so I'm throwing them in the room nontheless.
Feel free to disregard for any more interesting idea of yourself ;)

damkrantz said...

"Follower #300 signed up today."

This is SPARTA!!

Sorry... I have been holding back on saying that waiting for someone else to say it. :-D

Tiff said...

I always dig the "how to be a badass" posts.

On a tangent, I vote for Rory/ChironTraining merch. Slogans, credos, one-liners... (I bet K would have a ball designing stuff.)

Josh Kruschke said...

I second Tiff's idea.