Friday, January 25, 2013

Fellow Explorers

This will be a challenge. Not the material.  That is pretty intuitive once you get the underpinnings down.  The method will be a challenge.  Over the next two days I want this course to be almost entirely student-driven.  The Logic of Violence piece has been that way from the beginning.  That's material the students need to own, not just know...

Brainstorming here.

Intro-- Violence Dynamics.  Make sure all of the students are using the same vocabulary and understand the drives and purposes of different types of violence.

Part 2-- Logic of Violence.  The students, as a group, will solve the problems that a successful criminal needs to solve.  This will give them a strategic view of what the actual problems of SD are.   This will be the first time where I hope that they will break up (or at least see) that SD can be, maybe must be implemented at five (?) different stages: 1) Not being the person who can solve the bad guys problems or 2) Not getting on the victim list or 3) Avoiding/resisting the psychological dominance techniques 4) Surviving or countering the ambush 5) surviving the fight if you are lucky enough to turn it into a fight.

All the big survival gains are in the first steps.  Most SD and MA spend time on the last step, which is the one least likely to work but easiest to teach.

Part 3-- As they come up to answers to the problems they themselves have set, it's going to require some deep thinking and that should lead into the physics, the principles that make things work.

And this is where it gets three dimensional, because the easiest way to teach is NOT the best way to get applicable skills into a student.  So that will take a digression into conditioning versus training versus play (or randori).  All three get things into a student in different ways, but conditioning is the one you need for surprise and only in play can you learn to adapt, improvise OR make your skills simply part of the way you move.

If this student pool is as brilliant as I think they are, they'll not just learn this stuff over the weekend, they'll discover it.

The goal: No students, no teachers.  Just fellow explorers.


Wayne said...

Sound slike a fun time, wish I could have made it.

Josh Kruschke said...

"5) surviving the fight if you are lucky enough to turn it into a fight." — Lucky enough? Freudian Slip?

Question is this next group all experianced Marshal Artists, or will there be Novices.

I feel that novices will better or more easily gasp the first four. No deeply ingrained ideas on what SD is? No, that's not quit right. They would have their own assumptions & most likely just as ingrained.


RXian said...

My take: Lucky enough to turn it into fight vs unlucky enough for it to remain an assassination

Josh Kruschke said...